Bethel Limo Service

If you ever feel like you’re stuck at home because you don’t have a car or stranded to get places you need to go just because you don’t have a ride, then use Bethel limo service to get you where you need to go. With available transportation 24 hours a day, even if you need a ride last minute, oftentimes there are many different styles of limousines in Bethel to reserve to get you around the area.

Day trips, believe it or not, are a typical use for Bethel limo service, families and friends head to Blue Jay Orchards from some apples that you can pick yourself                                                                                                             and some homemade yummy apple pies!


Why a Bethel Limo?

Accommodations with Bethel limousines are catered as much as possible to your specific plans. Pick-ups, stops, and drop-offs can be arranged at a variety of different locations including private residences, hotels, restaurants, businesses, and any other venue around town. Never feel like you’re stuck at home missing out on any fun just because you don’t have a ride, because Bethel limo service can be reserved in many different vehicle options including town cars, SUVs, limousines, vans, and even party bus options!

 Bethel Weddings


There is no better way to celebrate your dream Bethel wedding than with a great limousine from Limousines of Connecticut. Need help planning the rest of your wedding? Try some of these great venues and caterering services.

  • Tarrywile Park & Mansion
  • Fox Hill Inn
  • Wedding Steps
  • Amber Room Colonnade
  • Anthony’s Lake Club Catering

What To Do With A Bethel Limo Service

If you’re in town for travel or live in the area, there are some great places that are often \stopped at with Bethel limo service including many fine-dining establishments. Places like La Zingara can be a great place to have dinner featuring a Italian cuisine and a full wine menu. Not just for nightly dinners, but also a great place to celebrate a wedding reception, anniversary dinner, or birthday celebration. If you’re planning on making this stop a part of your night on the town with Bethel limousines, you won’t regret it!

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Transportation with Bethel limo service is also scheduled not just for special occasion services, but also for any type of point-to-point travel. If you’re looking for places around town to spend the day or early evening, travel around with limousines in Bethel to places like Greenwood Avenue featuring many places to shop, eat, and spend a relaxing day at.

No matter what your plans might be, take advantage of all of the great benefits to booking a Bethel limo service to get you where you need to go around town!

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