Are you new traveling and need some good pointers on how to make the most out of your trip? Well, you have come to the right place. Limousines of Connecticut has helped thousands of newbie travelers with their traveling needs and we can help you too!

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The first step to ensuring that you have a successful trip is securing your transportation to and from the airport. There are tons of people that travel every day, so you want to make sure that you are on schedule to be picked up for your airport travel.

Some of you have been traveling since the womb and others, don’t know the first step in traveling and need a little more help than others in figuring it out. Limousines of Connecticut is here to help you build the confidence that you need in ensuring that you have an amazing trip with no bumps in the road.

  • Read the fine lines in your airline contract. Different airlines have different rules when it comes to flying on their aircraft. Some airlines offer the first bag free and others make you pay for every single piece of luggage. Some airlines offer a free carry one or personal item but are very strict to what size that item can be. In their contract, it should state all of the technicalities of traveling with them. Some offer a baggage fee discount if you pay for your bags ahead of time versus paying for them at the time of check-in. Knowing what you can and can’t do can ultimately save you money in the long run.
  • Don’t travel with an oversized suitcase. We as humans have a tendency to overpack especially if we have the room to do so. Pack only what you need for your trip because you will definitely regret overpacking when you have to lug a huge suitcase through the airport by yourself. Packing lite is the key to moving swiftly through the airport.
  • Bring an extra bank or credit card with you. Accidents happen and when you only come with one bank or credit card, it could cause a huge inconvenience if it is lost or stolen while you are still on your trip.  
  • Visit the local tourism office. The tourism office is the best place to get to know everything your vacation destination has to offer. They are great at pointing out free activities. You can also grab some great discounts on some local activities and events in the area.
  • Make extra copies of your passport and ID and store them in a separate place than the originals. You cannot get on a plane without identification and having a copy of these documents could save your vacation from being ruined.
  • Avoiding getting behind big families, instead navigate to follow behind business professionals. Business people often travel light and speed through the checkpoint lines.

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Make sure that your vacation goes according to plan by taking time to plan out your trip but also remember to have some free time to be able to explore. Call Limousines of Connecticut today and reserve your CT Car Service. Choose from a variety of vehicles available to accommodate any group size.  

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