Free Baby Car Seats For Airport Service

Ever paid for a service with a company that clearly does the bare minimum? Or even worse….acts like you are a burden to their whole life? Well at Limousines of Connecticut we are the exact opposite. We go above and beyond for all of our customers. We like to take the guess work out of the trip and think ahead for our customers.

We provide free baby car seats and booster car seats depending on your need. Make sure that when you are speaking to a reservation specialist that you mention you need a car seat or a booster seat and exactly how many. It is vital for this information to be relayed to us prior to your trip. In order to provide ample room for your luggage, our drivers do not ride around with the car seats on hand. If you do not mention they are needed at booking they will not be provided.

Why choose a Limousine of Connecticut Car Service?

The choice is easy when it comes to choosing a local reliable car service. Limousines of Connecticut has the most helpful and efficient reservation specialist that we could possibly ask for. Not only is our team courteous but they also help plan your vacation transportation from start to finish and listen very closely to detail. Once you have built a relationship with our company you will forever be family.

Need to book your car service?

The booking process is seemingly painless and we offer many different options to fulfill your need. Just choose from one of our time less options below to get started.

  1. Fill out our quick quote request forms.

    Family Friendly Car Company

  2. Email us at
  3. Call us at 203-344-0066.

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