Connecticut to Newark Liberty International Airport Limo Service

Image of Newark Liberty International Airport sign

No matter how many times you’ve been there before, you always see something new at the airport. Newark Liberty International Airport is located on the border of Elizabeth and Newark, New Jersey. Also known as EWR, carriers over 50 airline companies and is the third-largest hub for United Airlines in the world; so it’s not a surprise that you are able to get to wherever you need to go from right there.


Getting to EWR Safely from Connecticut

Driving from Connecticut to New Jersey can take up to four hours. Though there’s plenty to see along the way, the most important part of your trip is arriving safely. Our drivers are professionals in every sense of the word. They arrive on time to make sure that you are not rushing or running late. Rushing in its self can increases of an accident. Rest assured that we will strive to get you there on time and safely.


Image of EWR mercedes sprinter van

Riding to the EWR Airport with Limousines of Connecticut

As stressful and hectic as a trip to EWR  can be, driving there yourself only adds to the chaos. Besides having to navigate through the miles and miles of traffic, you’re also having to deal with making sure that you, your boss, your family or your guests arrive at their gate on time.  No one should have to deal with that. Thankfully, Limousines of Connecticut offers direct and private rides from the state of Connecticut to New Liberty International. Arrive there in one of our private sedans, comfortable and happy. Want to know more about using us to travel through Connecticut to New Jersey?Booking a ride with us is extremely easy! Our customer service team is waiting for your call.   Don’t feel like calling? You could also receive a quote or book online.

Reserve your trip from Connecticut to New Liberty Airport Now!

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We all know that there are never enough hours in the day to complete everything that you need to complete. So Limousines of Connecticut tries to help out with that issue as much as possible. Choose from one of the following quick and simple reservation options below to be on your way to one of the biggest and busiest airports around.


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