Vehicle Safety

Limousines of Connecticut prides itself in customer and vehicle safety as a type priority in luxury limousine transportation. From the drivers to the vehicles, we make sure every aspect of your transportation service is as safe as possible for every client, traveler, and passenger.

All vehicle models are 2009 and later models, ensuring only the newest of vehicles transporting you and your family safely around Connecticut. All vehicles are routinely maintained, evaluated, and checked-out by technicians to be sure every part is in working order. Vehicle certifications and licensing are all up-to-date and in regulation with all industry transportation standards.

Driver Screening In Connecticut Is Important to Us

All drivers dispatched by Limousines of Connecticut have passed through extensive background checks, certifications, licensing, and thorough training with our head supervisors. Vehicles are all equipped with a functioning GPS system to ensure passengers will be taken the most efficient and safest routes to their destination.

With 24 hour services available, we make sure that any drivers schedules for late night or early morning routes are given the previous day off to prepare for the service. Especially important for services like prom or sweet 16s when most passengers are younger, drivers take special care in keeping track of passengers and making sure all passengers arrive to and from their destination as safely as possible.

Please be sure to contact a transportation agent at 203-344-0066 with any additional questions you may have about vehicle safety with our luxury limousine transportation services in Connecticut.


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