President Trump in a limo

Like with everything that Donald Trump puts his hands on, his presidential limousine will be no different. As president of the United States of America, there are certain risks that you must be prepared for and one of those risks is losing your life. But Donald Trump will be ready for war if that day ever comes.

Trump’s “Cadillac One” Limo

The word surrounding the talk of this extravagant presidential vehicle was that it was going to debut on Inauguration Day. The release date has since changed and it looks like President Trump will have to roll around in the former president’s limousine for a couple of months while awaiting his own. What is so different about this new presidential limo? The answer to that is “plenty”! The price tag on this ready to go to war vehicle is $1.5 million and will replace nearly dozen limos that once serviced President Obama during his lengthy term.


Trumps New Presidential Limousine

Perks of having a presidential limousine

Some of the perks of being president mean that you have the end say on things like, what your presidential limousine entails. Not only will this new age limousine have bullet proof windows and doors but it will also be fully stocked with weaponry. Tear gas cannon and a shotgun are only a few weapons that will be abroad this limo. In a case of an emergency where an ambulance cannot get to the newly announced president, the limousine will be stocked with Trump’s blood type. It will also reportedly be plated with military-grade armor, making the doors so heavy that President Trump won’t be able to open them from the inside.

Reserve your luxury limo

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