Image of Avellino's Italian Restaurant

Avellino’s Italian Restaurant

When you’re in the Fairfield area and your survival depends on getting the best quality food for a great price, rely on Limousines of Connecticut to swoop in to save you just in the nick of time! Explore some of the absolute best restaurants in Fairfield with a Fairfield limo.

Satisfy your craving with a limousine in Fairfield

Have you ever went to eat at a restaurant and anticipated the great tasting food that you were about to indulge in. You figured that you were spending an arm and a leg so the food has to be amazing! And then you take that first bite just to feel completely robbed. The bad taste just sits in your mouth for the rest of the day! Limousines of Connecticut feels that when you eat at an amazing restaurant with your Fairfield Limousine, it sets the mood for the rest of the day. We have searched near and far for the best of best and are ecstatic to be able to provide you with some of our favorite restaurants in Fairfield.

  • Picture of Martel Restaurant dinner

    Martel Restaurant

    Avellino’s Italian Restaurant-Enjoy this local family owned Italian cuisine. The elegant setting sets the perfect mood for a great dinner. The food is superb and the staff is extremely welcoming.

  • Centro-Another favorite is Centro’s Italian restaurant. This restaurant is very colorful and offers a warm patio to enjoy your meal. The food quality is consistent across the board. Try their famous dish of grilled calamari with creamy garlic sauce.
  • Rio Bravo Mexican Restaurant-Feel like you came straight out of Mexico with some of these classic Mexican dishes. Enjoy several daily specials. They even cater! Where else can you go to experience a live Mexican mariachi band!
  • Martel Bistro & Bar– French-American bistro fare & wine are presented in a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Explore The Town With A Fairfield Car Service

Picture of Fairfield Limousine Service Black SUV

Fairfield Limousine Service

Have a night out on the town this weekend with an elegant Fairfield limousine that you and your party will enjoy. No matter if you want an intimate night out with just you and you’re loved on or if you want to make it a night out with all of your friends, Limousine of Connecticut has vehicles available that can accommodate your night. Want to know how to reserve your Fairfield Classic Limousine? Just choose from one of the following reservation options to reserve your Fairfield car today.

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