It is common to see Limousines around White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, during the Greenbrier Classic golf tournament that is usually held in July. Due to a flood, the golf tournament was cancelled.

It was to Greenbrier County’s surprise to see a limousine strolling through town after such a devastating time. Inside this luxury vehicle were supplies that were sent from Kim Turner of Pittsburgh. Mr. Turner stated that after seeing the news of the reported floods in the area, he never second-guessed helping out his neighboring state.

A Heart Of Gold From This Pittsburgh Limo Driver

During his stay at the resort, Turner helped unload donation trucks and aid victims in need. He was at a loss for words when trying to describe what he saw. When asked for pictures, Turner said he took none.

“The people are so touching down there. I’ll tell you, some of the best people I’ve met in my life are from West Virginia,” he said. “I know there are bad people, but I didn’t meet one person in West Virginia I didn’t like.”

west-virginia-floodFlood Victims At A Loss

And just like any tragic event, life of society goes on and people tend to forget what is happening around them. The news stops reporting and talk about it gets old.

In an effort to counter what usually happens, Turner is discussing West Virginia’s recovery with all his clients and reaching out to many city organizations to donate. With Turners extreme efforts he has already raised donations from his family and friends.

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