The powerful Bay Area tech has went from domestic violence to now being ordered to pay his former limo driver back wages! Seems like he just can’t stay out of trouble. gurbaksh-chahal-image

When Debts Aren’t Paid

The powerful former RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh Chahal supposedly promised Khabib Lutfiyev (the former limo driver) that he would pay him $7000 a month plus rent to become his driver back in 2012. Mr. Lutfiyev stated that he worked almost 3 months and did not get paid. Mr. Lutfiyev also stated that a house was prepared and paid for him and his family in Brisbane, but that was the only compensation he received.

Chahal was in the top of the headlines in 2014 due to a domestic violence case with his girlfriend at the time which was caught on camera.

Wages Ordered For Limo Driver

courtroomThe former limo driver stated that he was on call 24-7 to cater to Mr. Chahal’s every need which was quite often needed. In 2014, Mr. Chahal even stopped paying for Mr. Lutfiyev’s rental at which his family ended up being kicked out of. Mr. Lutfiyev lost many belongings due to the situation and was forced to move to Dayton, Ohio. Thank goodness Legal Aid came to his rescue and just this month Mr. Chahal was ordered to pay Mr. Lutfiyev $480,000, including overtime and double time.

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