Connecticut limousine and car services are use to providing transportation services in Fairfield. We make it easy and convenient so commuters don’t have to worry about tickets or paying tickets. Now, a new parking management system will help issue daily parking tickets and deal with less of a headache on Fairfield’s Parking Authority part. Sometimes commuters park without ever having to pay a ticket in the commuter’s parking lot at the Fairfield station. Fairfield police who are appointed with the Parking Authority will enhance their systems and catch parking violators.

The goal for Fairfield’s transportation service ticketing Fairfield's Parking Authority Upgrades Their Ticketing System image

Fairfield’s goal in using this new tech service is to upsurge parking turnover, install enhanced tracking permits and automate the day tot day vehicle parking tickets in commuter lots. Though CT limousine and airport transportation services will not be inconvenienced by this, commuters will have to now take into consideration their time and stay in the lots. As most times, you just grab a ticket and stay as long as need. However, now the times are changing and considering limousine and car transportation services as a better option.

The new Parking Authority plan

Fairfield's new ticketing system photoThe Parking Authority is working with Complus Data Innovations, Inc. (CDI) to place the system in Fairfield. It supplies hand help units to parking enforcement. The units allow for tracking software to be imbedded and have reminder services for parking authorities. Not to mention, the contract from CDI incorporates total data conversion from their old system, customer service, training for enforcement and easy payment of tickets on the website. Allowing people to pay online for violated tickets with your credit card or PayPal account. It is not a bad idea since we are an Internet based generation. Though some commuters would just prefer to use Fairfield’s limousine and car transportation services, it is still a good up-to-date asset for Fairfield.

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