For those that live around the tri-state area including Connecticut and parts of New York, New Jersey, and other surrounding states, there are several nearby cruise ports where you may be planning a trip or vacation away with your loved ones. If you’re worried about the drive or what might be the best way to get there, you should consider booking luxury CT transportation to get you exactly where you need to go.

CT Transportation to Cruise Terminals

Great for traveling to nearby ports like the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Manhattan Cruise Terminal, and Port of New York. Transportation is available one-way or round trip to make sure you get to and from your cruise efficiently and reliably. Enjoy many different types of vehicle options with limousine transportation in CT including a fleet of town cars, SUVs, vans, and even stretch limousine options.CT Transportation photo

The great thing about booking professional CT transportation is that you’re able to schedule a pick-up at the time and place that would work best for you. Make arrangements for everyone in your party to get picked up from one central location, or make plans to stop at everyone’s private residence. Whatever is the most accommodating for you, transportation with CT limos aims for as much convenience as possible.

Be at Ease with CT Transportation

Traveling to the cruise port is ideal with a professional CT limousine service because then you don’t have to worry about dragging out the maps, syncing up your GPS, filling up the car with gas, and getting your loose change together for tolls. The ease and convenience of professional transportation service in CT is leaps and bounds above the other possible alternatives when it comes to getting you to and from the cruise port.

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