Five Bachelorette Party Ideas

Picture of Bridgeport Hummer LimoThe bride already has everything she wants–a life partner and several close friends who’ll celebrate with her. Show her how well you know her, and let her know how excited you are for her, by embarking on one of these adventures via a Limousines of Connecticut stretch limousine or a party bus and make this time all about her matrimony. Make some memories that will last a lifetime with a Bridgeport Limo.

  • Glamping
    • This hot new trend among bachelorette parties is attracting ladies everywhere for a reason: it’s a great way to revisit your roots without having to sleep on the dirt. Enjoy sweeping tents with furniture in them all while still listening to the sweet chirping of crickets and buzzing of fireflies. Sit around a campfire and talk about growing up and let the bride divulge some of the sweetest moments she’s shared with the groom. Cook up some s’mores, disconnect from your phones, and finally get some alone time with your favorite girlfriends.
  • Spa Day
    • If you’re unable to escape for the weekend, visit a local spa and pretend like you’re on vacation with the girls and the bride-to-be. Book the bride a massage, facial, and/or body treatment, and see if the spa has rooms where the entire bridal party can get their treatments done together. Even if it’s a simple manicure/pedicure, the bride will be excited to get pampered with all of her favorite girls and get away from the craziness of every day and her upcoming nuptials.
  • Image of Bachelorette Party FunWellness Retreat
    • Is the bride a little paranoid about fitting into her dress for the big day? Want to get away while staying active and healthy? There are beautiful places like Laurel Island in East Hampton, CT or Copper Beach Institute in West Hartford, CT that offers all-inclusive weekend wellness getaways. Take your favorite ladies on a trip and do group yoga, enjoy healthy gourmet meals, and stay hydrated while breathing in the fresh air around you.
  • Slumber Party
    • If going out all of the time has been exhausting lately, why not go back to the days of your thirteen-year-old self and stay in for a change? Bring pillows, bake cookies, and read old diaries to each other and discuss where you thought your lives would go and where they are now. Book a mobile spa to come to the house or hotel for a little bridal treatment if you think the bride would love that. You can also rent a bridal themed movie or watch a bridal themed show.
  • Destination Getaway
    • Is there somewhere that the bride has always wanted to go, but has never been? If it’s a short road trip away or not too pricey, it may be worth the trip if everyone is on board. A lot of bachelorette parties flock to places like Miami, Las Vegas, or New York and use the weekend to explore the city. Go out on the Vegas strip, layout in the sun on South Beach in Miami, or see the sites in New York. You could even create a fun treasure hunt for the bride to follow. Either way, it’s always relaxing for everyone to get away and reflect on this special day for your best friend.

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