Image of Airport Carry On BagAre you planning a business trip? Whether this is your very first business trip or your 100th, we are all entitled to get side tracked when it comes to packing our essential business must have’s! What are the essential items you shouldn’t forget? A business trip is like any other trip except you must be as comfortable as possible in order to be productive. Below are must have items for business travel.

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If you are planning on spending a few days out of town, you will need to pack a few changing clothes. The number of clothes will depend on the number of days you will be away. A simple way to pack clothes is folding them in a set so that each set of clothes is meant for a single day. This will help you remember to add your clothing accessories such as ties and scarfs. Also, pack a few pairs of shoes. You can pack two pairs of formal shoes and carry a comfortable pair for when you are off of work. You can use packing boxes to fit shoes into your luggage. They will help keep the shoes in the right shape since it’s possible to deform while packing other items.


Being away from home you will need to pack a few utilities for daily use. You can buy travel size items such as toothpaste, tissues, bath creams, etc. A small travel makeup bag will be helpful to carry your make up items. Also, when packing liquid items, make sure you place seal them or transfer them to containers with tight lids. This will avoid any spillage, which may cause a mess to the rest of your items.


Your business papers and all documents concerning your business trip should be on top of your packing list. Get a document folder and pack all the papers you need. Confirm with the rest of the business members what documents you need to carry for the trip. Business cards are essential anytime you travel. You will never know where you meet your next client. You can pack them in your document folder and keep some within reach.


You may need to carry your laptop for your business trip. Therefore, you will need to pack hard disks, flash disks, chargers, and cords. Get a laptop backpack to carry your laptop and tech accessories. You can also use a case to wrap cords and chargers to ensure you don’t misplace them. Anytime you travel with your computer you will have to take an extra battery or a portable charging device. Also, pack your phone’s accessories such as a charger, earphones or a power device to keep you connected at all times.

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