We as individuals get so wrapped up in our daily lives that it can be kind of hard to slow things down in order to show the ones that you love how much you truly appreciate them. Valentine’s Day is not just about showing your significant other that you love them, but also showing the people that are important in your life how much you care about them.

This demonstration of affection and heartfelt appreciation can be shared between family members, co-workers, or even somebody that is always there to greet you at a store with a smiling face no matter what the weather is.

Having an office Valentine’s Day party? Make sure you transport the guests in style with a luxury CT Car Service. Some of our fleet include:


If you are looking to get away for the holiday of love, Limousines of Connecticut has some places in mind that will get you and your loved one completely rejuvenated. Take a look at some of our favorite, not so far, getaways.

  • New York City Times Square- Being in New York city during this time of the year can be quite amazing. There are tons of love themed decorations and there is literally always something going on in the square! Make it a one-night trip or stay for the week!
  • Water’s Edge Resort– Enjoy being surrounded by perfectly landscaped gardens, and acres of property overlooking the water from a white sand beach. This is the closest that you will get to a tropical get away without going to the Maldives’. If you are looking to make it a night or two stay, you can always book the Romantic Couples Dinner and enjoy a night out.
  •  Foxwoods Resort Casino-Enjoy a romantic dinner and then decide to try your luck at a couple slot machines.
  • Salt of the Earth Spa-Get all of the benefits of a spa and even more with salt! Salt spas are the new cra with all of the benefits that salt is said to have such as causing a “clarity effect” by producing negative ions. Negative ions have been known to reduce stress, headaches, lethargy and depression.

Don’t forget to reserve your Valentine’s Day Limo to wind up all of the festive planning. Let your loved one indulge in elegance the entire night with a Danbury Limo Service. Choose from one of the following reservation options below to start the reservation process.

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