Working-While-On-Vacation-ImageWhen you’re going on vacation, the last thing you want is stress. Do yourself a favor and follow these steps to make sure you enjoy a stress-free vacation:

1.  Take a limo to and from the airport 

Hiring a limo company to take care of your airport transportation is an easy way to start your trip off right. The limo will allow you to check your parking and transportation worries at the door and place it in the hands of a driving professional. Check out Limousines of Connecticut for competitive rates and a quick quote.

2.  Buy your flights far in advance

Stressfull-Packing-ImageThis can save you money and stress. monitored over 4 million flights and determined that the best time to buy domestic airline tickets was 7 1/2 weeks in advance. Airlines don’t get aggressive about lowering their rates until that time and buying them before that will cost you unnecessary money. It’s always better to buy sooner than later though; tickets become astronomically higher in the days leading up to your flight.

3. Set work boundaries

WebMD suggests that setting work boundaries while you’re on vacation can be crucial if you want to reduce levels of anxiety and depression. If you need to get work done, having a plan and sticking to it will allow you to feel accomplished and still enjoy vacation time. Just don’t overdo it – remember, it’s a vacation!

4. Sleep, sleep, sleep

This is obvious but worth repeating. When you’re tired, you’re irritable. Fun activities turn into stressful burdens. So finish your packing and planning ahead of time and give yourself substantial sleep the night before. Also, remember to anticipate your jet lag and plan your activities accordingly. Even if you sleep through one event, you’ll enjoy everything else exponentially more.

5. Plan ahead

Planning builds anticipation and excitement. A study from the University of Colorado at Boulder suggests that anticipating the future delivers more happiness than reflecting on the past. So start planning all the fun things you’re going to do and see. Even if your trip stinks, nothing can take away the excitement and happiness you feel while you’re anticipating it. Hooray for planning!

Airport CT Car Service

Fun-Travel-ImageLet Limousines of Connecticut help you make your upcoming trip stress-free by choosing from one of the reservation options below. Make sure that you count on a Fairfield Limo for your next transportation service.

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