Image of a Wedding SignThis bride’s story is going viral after she ends up with a unique wedding transportation. Every bride pictures her wedding day as being a perfect evening to remember with absolutely no hick ups. We would be in a fantasy world if we lived under the assumption that everything went as planned all the time. For this bride, she truly took the saying “turning lemons into lemonade” to a whole other meaning.

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Image of a Cop Car Wedding TransportationFor Kelly Bushey Walker, her idea of having a luxurious limo transport her to where her life will forever change was a vision of the past. She was in fear when she realized that the limos air conditioning and windows already were out of order but then her scared turned into a nightmare when the limousine broke down just 30 miles from where she was scheduled to say “I do”. Every bride looks for that moment when the wedding guests see you for the first time in amazement. That moment seemed like it was being ripped away from Mrs. Walker until help soon arrived.

Deputy Taylor East, of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, showed up to find out what the problem was and he spotted the stranded bride. Mrs. Walker asked the deputy if he could drive her to the chapel so that none of the guests will see her before the ceremony. “Deputy East made me feel at ease and assured me I would make it to my wedding,” Walker said. “I forgot all of my worries once I was in his car. My sister and maid of honor also came along for the ride.” Mrs. Walker stated that she is one for always planning ahead but was completely out of her element when things did not go as planned. Although Mrs. Walker was left having to reroute her trip to the chapel, she admits that this will be a memory that she will be able to talk about for years to come and she can’t help but laugh. “My wedding day was the best day of my life, even with the ups and downs. I couldn’t have had more fun.”

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