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Summer is finally here in Connecticut and the visions of snowy front yards are just a memory now. With the warmth of summer comes the thoughts of vacationing. The kids are out of school and you’ve been saving all those sick days for your annual summer vacation but this year is a bit different. This year you are thinking big, you are thinking jumping on an airplane and going further than you ever have. Everyone is so excited then you realize that you will be taking your very young child on their very first airplane ride.  Many parents dread this and often forget essentials and pack things that are not necessary. Limousines of Connecticut are experts in traveling with children of all ages and we are ready not only to drive the family to the airport but to help you pack correctly for your trip! Get limousine in Connecticut for a great rate!

Pack Wise with Limousines of Connecticut

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Limousines of Connecticut realizes that sometimes we overthink our trips and in fear of forgetting things, we pack everything and it never fails, something always stays behind. Take a minute to look over our checklist to make sure your little ones have everything they need for their very first airplane ride!

  • Diaper or change in under clothes- We might think that there is no way we will forget the diapers but you will be surprised what we forget when everyone is waiting for you to get in the car to head to the airport.
  • Changing pad- Airports and airplanes don’t receive any kind of cleanliness awards for their bathrooms, so please don’t forget a changing pad for your baby.
  • The cleanup crew- Always remember to bring wipes, diaper rash creams, hand sanitizers and tissues not only to clean up a baby bum but any spills or spit ups that will most likely happen on that three-hour flight.
  • Baby food- You will definitely be sorry if you forget your baby’s favorite baby food. Don’t rely on the stores near your destination, they may not have that particular flavor or brand and you may find yourself in the situation where you just can’t get to the store at the time your baby is screaming for lunch. This applies for breast pumps, formula, toddler snacks, and juices.
  • Extra bottles- You never know when your little one is gonna throw out their bottle or sippy cup when you aren’t looking. Always have a backup! This includes pacifiers as well.
  • Extra clothes- We all know that your little ones probably have a whole checked bag that is dedicated just to them but make sure you have a few changes of clothes for the airport and the flight.
  • Stroller- Don’t underestimate your stroller. It is always better to have at least a smaller, collapsible stroller than having nothing at all. You will be surprised how in handy they come. Most airlines allow you to check them at no fee or even carry them in the captain’s compartment for no fees.
  • First Aid kit- Even if your child is not sick when it’s time to leave, you never know what germs they may pick up from that dirty and cramped airport.
  • Finally- Snacks for the parents are crucial! You need to stay fueled as well!

Image of baby in suitcase

Reserve Your Family Friendly CT Limousine

Now that you are ready to travel successfully with your little ones, give Limousines of Connecticut a call today. We offer free car seat services for those not wanting to take their own cars seats. We have a variety of size vehicles for all family sizes. Book your family-friendly limousine today!

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