Image of Packing For A CruiseIt is always an exciting time to be able to get away from the everyday life and enjoy a nice relaxing time away from home. Once you get to your destination, you can have some time to yourself and do absolutely nothing. It is making sure that you pack all of your necessities that can be the stressful part. Take off some of your stress with some of our great packing tips as well as a door to door chauffeured ride from CT to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port.

Top Tips On Packing For Your Cruise Get Away

There are many things that you use in everyday life that you might not even think about packing. Then when you get to your vacation destination, you’re stuck having to pay tourist prices for simple objects such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. Limousines of Connecticut can not only get you to your cruise, but we also offer you valuable advice on how to pack for your cruise vacation without over packing. Whether you are an under packer or an over packer, we can show you how to find the balance and gain some great packing skills for future vacations as well.

  • Image of people Boarding A Cruise ShipThe number one key is to not start packing at the last minute. When you pack at the last minute you might find yourself stressing and trying to think quickly which could cause you to either leave important things behind or bring way too much stuff in a fear of forgetting something. We say by attempting to at least start packing a week before your trip, you can give yourself a good head start and give yourself time to be able to think about what you really need for your trip.
  • Plan your outfits out ahead of time. Go over your itinerary to be able to know what type of outfits you will wear each day. Try on the outfits to see if you like the look and pack only what you will be wearing. Pack the outfit top and bottom together to save you time once you get to your destination. This will save you time and space in your luggage. You can also check with your cruise line to see if they offer self-service laundromats on board as this could save you from having to pack a ton of clothing.
  • Pack your bathroom necessities. This is something you will likely have to do at the last minute unless you have 2 of everything that you use daily to get ready. You can put a sticky note on your suitcase for you to see the day off with a checklist of things to remember to pack.
  • Some other things to think about bringing are over-the-counter meds, batteries, camera memory cards, sunscreen, ear plugs, plastic bags for transporting liquids or wet things and chargers for your electronics

Image of Cruise Transportation ServicesCruise Transportation

Have fun on your cruise vacation knowing that your car is safe and sound at your house. Call Limousines of Connecticut for transportation to any cruise port of your choice. Manhattan cruise terminal can be pretty hectic, let our experienced drivers get you to the dock with plenty of time to spare! Choose from one of the following reservation options below to reserve your cruise car service.

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