Considering the type and amount of jewelry that we travel with is both economic and safe. Whether you are traveling to a third world country or right here in the United States, we are judged by the jewelry that we wear among many other things. The first thing a person thinks standing in line next to someone with a flashy Rolex and a huge 2-carat shiny ring is money is no object to that person. Not only is it not a good idea to travel with such flashy and expensive jewelry, but it also is not safe either.

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Boarding-airplane-imageThere are documentaries and horrible stories surrounding the dangers of traveling and adding fine jewelry lures those stories a little closer to the traveler. If you absolutely must travel with your Rolex or diamond ring, consider concealing those expensive items until you get to your destination or just leave them at home all together to avoid losing them while so far away from home.

So, if you are one of those people that feel naked without their jewelry, I have 2 sets of rules for you. Travel with jewelry that you won’t mind losing and travel with a small amount of jewelry. The jewelry selection could include the day to day jewelry that goes with just about every outfit that you have packed.

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Once you have chosen the selection of jewelry that you will be bringing with you on your vacation, it is time to properly pack it. Most people just think that you can just grab a zip-lock bag and throw all of your jewelry in there and call it a day. Then you get to your destination and your necklace is tangled and your earring is stuck inside your necklace. Limousine of Connecticut is here to make life a little easier for you, one travel hack at a time.

  • Traveling-with -jewelry-imageNecklaces- Using the straw method, you are sure to have a tangle-free necklace by the time you touch down. Loop one end of the necklace through the straw and fasten the clasp.
  • Bracelets- For bracelets, roll up a washcloth or small hand towel and slide the bracelets in order around the towel. Once completed, tuck the entire towel into a zip-lock bag to keep the bracelets intact.
  • Earrings- If only bringing a few pairs, clip them onto a button to make it easier to locate them and place them inside a zip-lock bag. You could also use a cut-out cardboard and stick them on there and place them flat in your suitcase.

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Bridgeport Limo ImageAfter you have taken care of all thing’s jewelry related, make sure that you do not miss out on your vacation altogether by failing to reserve your airport car service. When choosing a car service make sure that you choose one that is known for being reliable and prompt. Choose a Fairfield Limo to make your travel stress-free. Choose from one of the following reservation options below to be on your way to an exciting trip.

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