Connecticut-Fall-Scenery-ImageAs we approach the transition time from summer to winter, sit back and take in one of the most relaxing seasons of all, Autumn. I’m sure the word “Autumn” alone brought back memories of the sweet smell of cinnamon and spice as you remember the cozy feeling of seeing colorful leaves fall to the ground.

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Many might have childhood memories of places all of the fallen leaves in a pile while you had a blast jumping in them as if it were a never-ending ocean. Many of the “feel good” marathons come on the TV, not to mention the great Hallmark movies. The sound of the crackling firewood as you sit next to fire in cozy jumpers and drink hot chocolate or pumpkin spice lattes.

Connecticut fall foliage season is not only relaxing but breathtaking as well. These sights only come for a season and don’t last long. So, before you miss out on a scene to remember, put it in your scrapbook and let a New London car service guide you through Connecticut’s famous fall foliage around the state. Take advantage of such a beautiful site with the whole family and plan a nice family portrait session.

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CT-Car-Service-PictureDon’t miss out on some great bonding this season with your loved ones. Not only is this season great to capture hard to miss moments, but it is also a great time to sit back and enjoy life. Grab a blanket and plan a family picnic in the great outdoors.

Make sure that your exciting day consists more of spending time with loved ones and less of driving. Leave it to Limousines of Connecticut to get you to each stop on your list of destinations in a timely and professional manner. Choose from one of the following reservation options below to be on your way to an exciting and evening.

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